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May 7, 2016

Beetle Visitor

Whilst trees are rather large in the big picture you sometimes need to stop and look around on the ground, as theres nature and life all over the floor. Here I managed to snap a picture of a Common Dor Beetle, or otherwise known as the Dung beetle.


Photo: LWalton

The dor beetle, for many people, is the archetypal ‘beetle’. It has the classic beetle shape and colouration, being oval in shape with a shiny domed body, with a blue sheen. The thorax is smooth but the wing cases are grooved longitudinally. The legs are also shiny black and strong with noticeable spikes. The head is small and the antennae short with fan-like tips. The dor beetle, more popularly known as the dung beetle, belongs to a sub-family called scarabs. These beetles were regarded as sacred by the ancient Egyptians.