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Mar 18, 2016

Harlech Pine

A mature Scots pine, Harlech, just below Harlech Castle. 

Theres not many times where we advice a client on a removal of a tree but the tree in question was 'over mature', had its main bulk and weight of limbs over the house, a substantial lean towards the house, and was on a rocky outcrop. Usually we would sugest maybe a redcution or other works, or even none if the tree is far enough away from the house, as when a tree falls if its branches come into contact with the house they tend to act s a cushion, slowing down the impact of the tree and not causing too much damage, wheras the Pine was close to the house and a fail in the tree would mean that the very large trunk would have come into contact with the house causing severe damage, so sadley, as the house couldn't be knocked down, the tree was dismantled and taken down.